At Ballantyne School of Music, we believe that musicians get better when they play together!

I mean, think about it... when you first learned to speak, the way that you "practiced" language was to use new words and sentences to communicate with your Mommy and Daddy... then, siblings and friends.  Eventually, were able to have entire conversations without struggling with words and context.

We believe the same is true with MUSICAL conversations!  What better way to become more fluent in the language of MUSIC than to play regularly with other musicians?? 

Kidz Jam Band Klub

Tuition:  $29/week or $75 for 3-week pass

Junior Jammers Group Guitar Class (Ages 6-8)

Tuition:  $159 ($129 for additional siblings)

We are thrilled to be offering a brand new group music class with younger children in mind.  Our new Junior Jammers group guitar class will feature instruction on the cool new Loog 3-string guitars, which were designed to be easier to play for younger, beginner guitar students.  Loog 3-string guitars are tuned to G-B-E, the same as the first three strings on a standard 6-string guitar - so, it will be easier for young children to make the transition to a full-size guitar, once they are ready.

Our Kidz Jam Band Klub was created to help young students who are still working on their developing their musical language to grow into more confident and technically-strong musicians through weekly, 90-minute jam sessions.  Students ages 9-13 will be invited to attend every Friday and will work on learning a new song each week.  Our instructors, Chris and Kade, will provide additional accompaniment to keep musicians on track, rhythmically, and will teach chord progressions, melody and harmony, and use of dynamics, similar to the way that we do it in our more advanced Jam Session program.

Our Kidz Jam Band Klub is open to students who are in vocal, guitar, bass, drum or keyboard lessons and have been enrolled a minimum of 6 months at Ballantyne School of Music.  (We are sorry, but this program is not currently available for students who are not enrolled at Ballantyne School of Music.)  Students will bring their instruments with them each week, if they are a guitar or bass player (drums, keyboard and microphones will be provided).  They will also have an opportunity to perform as a full band at our monthly Teen Open Mic Nites!

Weekly passes for our Kidz Jam Band Klub are $29 (or $75 for a three-week pass).  Since families have busy schedules, weekly attendance is optional, and three-week passes do not need to be consecutive weeks. Weekly registration for KJBK is required by the Wednesday before class, since a limited number of spots (10) are available.  You can sign up by completing the form on the Contact Us page of this website and checking "Kidz Jam Band Klub."

We hope to see you there!!

All students will receive a lesson book and clip-on tuner, and parents will have the option of purchasing their Loog guitar for $129 (acoustic) or $189 (electric) or renting to own ($25/month with 50% of rental going toward the purchase).   ** Only Loog Guitars will be used in this class **

We can't wait to get started and are looking forward to seeing what these Junior Jammers can do!! 

** Our January session dates will be posted shortly **

(Visit our Contact Us page to register.)