Jam Session Tuition

    $429 - Members* (includes 10 presale tickets)

    $479 ~ Non-members (includes 10 presale tickets)

* A member is a student who is currently enrolled in private music lessons with a Ballantyne School of Music instructor.  All Jam Session musicians are required to be working with a private music instructor (at BSM or another studio), in order to participate in the program.


In addition to learning performance techniques, students will also create a band name, pre-sell tickets, and learn what it takes to market their band to draw a great crowd to a venue.

We've played at some of Charlotte's most popular music venues such as Amos' Southend, The Chop Shop, The Double Door, Neighborhood Theatre and Visulite Theatre... just like regional and national bands!  This gives students an opportunity to work with some of the best sound and lights professionals in the Charlotte area, so that they can get the BIG PICTURE of performing like a rock star!

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​​We also offer additional opportunities for our students to perform at local charity functions, kids fests, and battle of the band events and often collaborate with other rock schools in the Charlotte area, to help students to network with similarly-experienced musicians, so they can establish their OWN bands!

Enrollment for Summer Jam Session has ended.

We will begin enrolling for our Winter Jam Session in August.  If you are currently a student at Ballantyne School of Music and are interested in participating in a future session, please let your instructor know.

Our Jam Sessions program is known as south Charlotte's BEST, because we show students ages 9-20 how to take what they've learned in private lessons to the next level and make it FUN!  

Students who enroll in Jam Sessions learn how to create a crowd-pleasing set list, develop unique solos to make the song their own, and play dynamically to engage the audience.  It's a true performance workshop, which will take students from "player" to "performer" in 8-10 focused weeks of band rehearsals!

Current BSM students must have a strong understanding of key and time signatures, familiarization with guitar/bass fretboard, keyboard, drumset, melody/harmony, depending on their instrument, and be recommended by their current music instructor.  Our program is open to students from outside of BSM.  However, students will need to audition, to determine if they are ready for the program.

Congratulations to our Jam Session musicians for incredible performances on March 26th!! 

Our next performance will be Summer Jam '23 - Sunday, June 11th, at Visulite Theatre!​​