We're gonna ROCK your summer break!!

We have always eagerly awaited summers and our music camps as a time for young musicians to come together and create, play and socialize with others.

Our Ukulele, Guitar, and Songwriting/Recording Camps have always been fun and popular ways to encourage and develop creative self expression at Ballantyne School of Music!

All of our summer camps are half-day schedules, beginning at 9:30am and ending at 1:30pm.  Our Songwriting/Recording, R&B Boot Camp and Music Production week-long camps take place Monday-Friday, and our Ukulele and Guitar Camps are held Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday.  

Click here, if you are interested in enrolling in, or obtaining additional information for, our summer music camps! 

~ A $50 deposit is required at the time of enrollment.  This deposit is non-refundable unless the camp is cancelled by Ballantyne School of Music. The balance of summer camp tuition will be charged to the card on file two weeks prior to the first day of camp and is non-refundable, once camp has started.

Ukulele Camp (ages 7 and older)

Students will receive their own Beatles - Yellow Submarine ukulele to keep, with paid tuition!  This is one of our most popular camps every year! We learn the basics of tuning and several new chords, then dive right into playing some of our favorite songs!  There is no better way to learn a new instrument than in this supportive group setting.  Get ready to rock!

Tuition:  $185

Guitar Camp (ages 7 and older)

Students will bring their own guitars to this camp (acoustic or electric) and learn how to tune, play 6-8 basic chords and work on simple strumming patterns.  Then, we will select a few songs to put our new skills to the test.  Our campers absolutely love these camps, because they can learn to play in a less intimidating environment and even work together as an ensemble.  We can't wait to see our young rockstars this summer!

Tuition:  $165

Songwriting/Recording Camp (ages 9 and older)

Does your child enjoy writing poems or singing their own unique lyrics to popular songs?  Or, do they like to create their own melodies on their instruments at home?  Then, this will definitely be their jam!  Campers will learn about lyric writing, melody, harmony, creative imagery, and more in this fun week-long camp.  

Our final camp day will be spent at a real studio recording their original songs!  It's one of those memory-making camps that they will enjoy doing every summer!

Students do not need to be able to play an instrument to participate in this camp.  However, it is a great opportunity for some of our existing Jam Session musicians to write some original music, which may be performed by their band at an upcoming show!

Tuition:   $360 (includes digital copy of original song)

R&B Boot Camp (ages 9 and older)

Students will learn about the history of Rhythm and Blues music while strengthening their improv and performance skills and finding their overall "soul".   This is a harmony-focused camp for vocalists, not instrumentalists.  

Note:  We have modified the curriculum for our R&B Bootcamp to allow first-timers and returning students to attend the same camp.

Tuition:  $360

Music Production Camp (ages 11 and older)

In our intensive 5-day Music Production camp, participants will learn: basic terms and principles, the 5 parts of building a song, and how to mix and create their own professionally-edited recording!  This is a fantastic camp for every student who has been overwhelmed by trying to figure out how to use DAW software on their own, to do in-home recording.  (Also great for older students who are considering Music Production as a field of study in college.)

Students will need their own laptop for the camp, notebook and pen/pencil, and instrument (option).

Tuition:  $360

Junior Jam Session Camp (ages 8-12) 

If your young student has always wanted to know what it feels like to be in a REAL band playing with other musicians yet they aren't quite ready to make the transition into our Jam Session performance program, then this week-long camp is the perfect introduction!

Our camp directors Bella Larsen, Chris Day and Kade Robinson have been participating in our Jam Session program for over three years and are excited to work with our next generation of rockstars!  Campers will spend the week working on rhythm, solos, lyrics, harmony, band dynamics, performing skills and more!  On the final day of camp, bands will perform live in front of family and friends in their own private concert!

Musicians who enroll in this camp should currently be in private music lessons and have a basic understanding of their instrument.  Guitar/bass players will need to bring their instrument to camp each day.  Keyboard, drums and microphones (for singers) will be provided.

Get ready to rock!!

Tuition:  $360

Camp Dates:  

Ukulele Camps: 

July 13th-14th - 9:30am-1:30pm (Indian Land Studio)

** Full - if interested, let us know and we can give you options **

Guitar Camps: 

** New Date **

August 3rd-4th - 9:30am-1:30pm (Indian Land Studio)

Music Production Camp:

July 17-21 - 9:30am-1:30pm (Indian Land Studio)

Songwriting/Recording Camps: 

July 24-28 - 9:30am-1:30pm (Ballantyne Studio)

R&B Boot Camp:

July 24th-28th - 9:30am-1:30pm - (Indian Land Studio)

​Junior Jam Session Band Camp:

July 17-21 - 9:30am-1:30pm (Ballantyne Studio)